How to shower your bird?

Birds naturally love to bathe. You can see during the rainy season; they become very happy seeing raining outside. Which means they would surely bathe and dance in the rain if they got the chance. Bathing is essential for your pet bird for many reasons. But the pet owner often remains confused how to bathe their pet bird. It is easy and simple. You don’t have to bother much about bathing them regularly. You can grab time once in a week and can bathe your bird properly. But showering your bird regularly is good for their skin, feather, and health. Most of the bird also love to bath regularly and enjoy their bathing session most. So, in this article, I will share different things about showering your bird which will be helpful for those who still doesn’t know many things about the bathing bird.

What is the right time for bathing your bird?

The right time for bathing your bird is the day time when water usually becomes warm. You should use lukewarm water to bathe your bird. Cold water is not good for their health, and they might not like it too. You should try to bathe your bird in a specific time every day.

Where can you bathe your bird?

Your bird can bathe anywhere. You can take it to the yard and clean it with the fresh water. However, if your bird is too small, you can also bathe it in the sink or shower. Shower Perch is the best thing for your bird to take a shower. You can place the shower perch in your bathroom and stand there your bird can take a shower. You can also arrange the in cage shower option for your bird. Your bird can take a shower inside the cage. You can use the spray bottle to clean your bird. But spraying can’t remove the dirt properly from your bird.

How often should you bathe your bird?

There is actually no rules of bathing your bird. You can make it once in a week or daily. Remember cleaning your bird thoroughly can make your bird clean from the dirt. It is good for the skin of your bird. So, it is better if you bathe your bird regularly.

Tips for bathing your bird

People want to use bath gel, soap, shampoo, etc. for cleaning their bird. But only crystal clear water is enough for bathing your bird. Soap and the other things can make complications and irritation on the skin of your bird. You should also give your bird enough time to dry its feather after bathing.

So, these are the normal rules of bathing your bird which you can follow.

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