Making Car Care Simple

Find Answers to Your Repair and Maintenance Questions, as Well as Easy Tips on Caring for Your Car

Every day use and seasonal weather changes can be damaging to the life and luster of your vehicle. Pollen buildup in the spring, the hot and humid temperatures in the summer and cold winter weather can take a toll on your car’s appearance and performance. Protecting your car and the investment you’ve made is critical. You rely on your vehicle for many reasons. Whether it is transportation to work every day, the means of getting the kids to their games or after-school activities or for recreational trips and plans on the weekend, your car is important to you. With the month of April being National Car Care Month, we’ve provided tips on taking care of your car, so that it takes care of you.

Car detailer, Danny, of Prestige Car Wash in Atlanta, GA says that regular wash and wax can make all the difference with the beauty and shine of your vehicle. During manufacturing, your vehicle was covered with a clear coat to add shine, and to protect the life of the paint. Danny says you must also protect the clear coat by waxing or polishing your vehicle. He says a polish is a lighter coat that can be used each week; however, he recommends using wax only once every two-to-three month because of the possibility of wax buildup. By doing so, Danny says the clear coat is not damaged and therefore, your vehicle’s original paint stays protected and in new car condition. He also says that, especially during summer months, your vehicle should be washed each week and covered with Camaro cover at night. Any acid and other deposits such as pollen, bird droppings, etc. that is not regularly washed off can become ingrained in your clear coat and eventually in the vehicle’s paint because of the hot temperatures of the sun. Prestige Car Wash has also gone green. Owner, Darren Martin, says that the car wash uses a device that catches and stores rain water, which is recycled and used to wash the many vehicles that come through for service each day.

Service Technician, Keith, at Team Toyota in Lithia Springs, GA says that making sure your car has an oil change and tire rotation every 5,000 miles can add to your car’s performance. Along with oil changes, Keith says making sure your car is serviced every 30,000 miles also helps your car to perform well. Replacing your timing belt in 60,000 to 90,000 mile intervals is necessary to prevent major damage from possibly occurring to your car’s engine. If the timing belt is not replaced and it fails, major internal components of your vehicle could be damaged and the repair – costly. Heat, not cold weather, can mostly affect the life of your car battery. During summer months, be sure to check your battery regularly and keep the battery terminals clean and free of dirt, as dirt can drain your car’s battery and inhibit current flow. During these challenging economic times, gas mileage and cost can also be a concern. To cut down on excessive fueling and to make sure your vehicle gets maximum fuel economy, experts suggest that you keep tires inflated properly to gain one-to-two miles per gallon. Also, changing your vehicle’s air filter regularly keeps it free of excessive dirt and can improve gas mileage by ten percent. A dirty air filter can waste gas and cause your vehicle to lose its power. Replacing worn and dirty spark plugs can prevent misfiring and wasted fuel. Making sure your gas cap fits properly also helps to maintain good gas mileage. Large amounts of gas can vaporize when the gas cap is not securely in place. There are several online websites that can answer your questions about car care and maintenance.

Ten Car Care Tips

1. Wash your vehicle once per week, especially if deposits/stains are present.
2. Use a polish or wax to protect your car’s paint and coating.
3. Get an oil change and tire rotation service for your vehicle every 5,000 miles.
4. Have preventative maintenance service performed every 30,000 miles.
5. Replace your vehicle’s timing belt every 60,000 – 90,000 miles.
6. Check and clean your vehicle’s battery regularly, especially during the summer.
7. Access online websites such as and for free information on car care and troubleshooting.
8. Check tire pressure regularly and maintain proper tire inflation.
9. Check and replace air filters regularly.
10. Use Camaro car cover to protect your car from the dirt and other things.

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