Some Tips about Pool Deck Designs

Many people prefer above-ground pools than in-ground pools. They are easy to install, need no excavation, and they cost about one-fifth of an in-ground pools.  In-ground pools are considered as more attractive, in general opinion. But, you can make an above-ground pool as attractive by installing a pool deck. In this article, I will share with you some tips about pool deck designs.

Basic Guidelines about Pool Deck Designs

The following are some basic guidelines about pool deck designs. However, check with your local building authority for deck-building codes in your area.

  • You should not attach the deck with the pool. The distance from the decking to the outside edge of the pool should be about 3/4 of an inch.
  • The above-ground pool decks are usually 3 to 6 feet above grade. Therefore, the posts should be cross-braced for lateral stability.
  • Decks attached to your house have more code restrictions than freestanding decks. A freestanding deck can rest on concrete deck blocks, which are placed directly on the ground. This will save you the time and expense of digging and pouring footings.
  • According to building codes, decking surfaces around pools should be slip-resistant. You may use some composite and synthetic decking materials with textured surfaces to help reduce slipping. You can also order aluminum decking with a waterproof, anti-slip coating.
  • The decking surfaces need to be sloped 1/8 to 1/4 inches over 12 inches to shed water.

Some Tips about Pool Deck Designs

You should remember that not all all deck projects are created equal. The following tips might help you to create good pool deck designs.

  • First, make a budget. This will help you to determine the other steps.
  • Think about the overall use of space. You may find a design attractive you have seen in a magazine or on the internet. But, that may not suit your pool area. Therefore, choose a deck design that makes sense for your pool and your property.
  • Determine the look and style of your desired pool deck. A modern deck may not be best fit for an architecturally retro home. The choice of material may also be confusing for many homeowners. To determine the style, consider the color, texture, and pattern of the wood you choose. In addition, consider what it will look like when it starts to age.
  • You need to keep your deck design in scale with your home and yard. Consider possible configurations, and find what suits best.
  • You can hire a general contractor. A general contractor can help you to match designs with the layout of your properties and your home. They will help you to find a custom deck system, which will increase the value of your home. This will be difficult when you design a pool deck on your own.

This way, you can make pool deck designs that will complement your home and make it more attractive.

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